• Added Wingman game mode

[ MAPS ]

  • Added Overpass to Deathmatch, Casual, Wingman, and Competitive game modes
  • Added Vertigo to Deathmatch and Casual game modes
    • Removed Nuke and Office


  • Enabled undo/redo buttons
  • Various bug fixes

[ MISC ]

  • Added the “Secondary Fire Hold” option to the input settings menu
  • The halftime countdown timer is now visible
  • Fixed a case where the camera would not interpolate correctly when switching between chase and roaming spectator modes.
  • Fixed a case where the viewmodel weapon would disappear for one frame when switching in-eye spectator targets.
  • Added leading zeroes on StatTrak module
  • Glove patterns and wear now more closely align with CS:GO versions
  • Various improvements to foil stickers
  • Various adjustments to the size of stickers applied to weapons
  • HyperCube
    19 months ago

    Sooo… surely with them releasing smaller changes to the mechanics and most maps being playable, the open beta is right around the corner right? Right?

    • kateOPA
      19 months ago

      I hope so, there can’t be that much more to test. Anubis, ancient, inferno, and some of the gamemodes (arms race, retakes, danger zone, etc) and I think there’s some more they want to do with skins